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Ninth Leiden – Sarin International Air Law Moot Court 12th-15th April 2018

We are very happy to inform you that, the Sarin Memorial Legal Aid Foundation from India and the International Institute of Air and Space Law of Leiden University in the Netherlands join forces with Incheon International Airport Corporation in South Korea with the purpose of organising the ninth edition of the International Air Law Moot Court Competition. The International Air Law Moot Court Competition is a unique opportunity for students seeking to gain experience in the development of arguments in the field of international law and international air law, while also establishing contacts around the world.

We invite Universities having an interest in international air law to send a team to the Competition which will be held from 12-15 April 2018 in Seoul, South Korea.

Each University may send a team to the Competition which will last four days, including the semi-finals and finals.

The following documents can be found on this website:
Case 2018
Rules of Procedure
National Rules of Procedure
Time Schedule

For the benefit of the participants, the following documents have also been made available:

The online registration form can be found here. Please note, that the deadline for registration is the 27th of October 2017.

Registration fee for those with a national round and for those without a national round:
There is a registration fee of €150 (the deadline to remit the registration fee for those teams with no national round is the 3rd of November 2017).  For those who have a National Round (including India), Only those teams that qualify for the International Rounds  shall be required to deposit the aforementioned fee. (the deadline to remit the registration fee for those teams having to participate in a national round is the 15th of February 2018).

Each team should bear its own travel costs (Accommodation and meals are provided by the organization for the duration of the moot court).

Instructions for payment registration fee

The payment of €150 needs to be transferred to the Leiden University account number:
IBAN: NL97RABO0102468818
Address: Schipholweg 105, 2315 XC Leiden, The Netherlands
Account name: Faculteit Rechtsgeleerdheid, Steenschuur 25, 2311 ES Leiden, The Netherlands
Please mention sap number: 1805165005. Without this number we cannot trace your payment.

–          SAP number:1805165005
–          Your university

INDIAN TEAMS NOTE: The National India Rounds (compulsory for all Indian teams) will be held on the 10th of February, 2018 (Saturday) at the Army Institute of Law, Mohali. This will be a ONE day event. Exchange of memorials for teams participating in the National India Rounds will take place on the 15th of January 2018 – Opponent memorials will be emailed to the team at the email address provided at the time of registration. For registration in the National Rounds, please follow the same procedure as registration for the International Rounds, however only the qualifying teams shall be required to deposit the registration fee of EURO 150 by the 15th of February 2018.

The top qualifying Indian teams will be entitled to participate in the International Rounds being held in Seoul, South Korea.

For more information, please visit the pages dedicated to the Competition at and or send an e-mail to Deadline for registration shall be announced shortly.