Aims and Objectives

Aims & Objectives of the Sarin Memorial Legal Aid Foundaiton

  • To spread legal literacy amongst the citizens of India, especially, the weak, down-trodden and poor, irrespective of race, caste, sex, colour or creed;

  • To take up public causes in public interest and find remedies in accordance with law for the protection of the environment and to improve the surrounding living conditions of the citizens of India with greater stress on the economically weaker sections of the society, etc.

  • To raise issues of public interest in appropriate Courts of Law. To protect the interest of the general public and to ensure the safe and proper use of sources of energy and at the same time, to promote the establishment of non-conventional and renewable sources of energy systems.

  • To arrange talks, lectures, speeches by eminent personalities in the field of law, public affairs, social services, etc., to promote the aforementioned objectives;

  • To arrange legal aid camps to settle disputes amicably amongst the citizens of India and to set up alternative methods of redress of grievances, especially, by voluntary consent of the adversary parties;

  • To establish, run and promote centres for the training of young advocates with a view to indicate the spirit of service to the society and with the objective of producing dedicated lawyers who in turn could serve the society professionally in the years to come;

  • To raise funds through voluntary means to further the objectives mentioned and for promoting social and economic welfare, especially of the weaker sections of the society; and

  • To take up and promote causes for the benefit of handicapped or slow children or persons.

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